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Salvage of the bow ramp.

In July 2023 further surveys were performed at the site of the accident. Accessible parts of the car deck of the vessel were filmed and the bow ramp was salvaged for further examinations.


Photogrammetry - 2022

In June 2022, a photographic documentation of MV Estonia was carried out. Just under 45,000 photographs were taken of the ship and assembled into a 3D model using photogrammetry.


Seabed surveys - July 2021

On July 8-16, 2021, the accident investigation authorities in Estonia and Sweden investigated the seabed conditions and the ship's position on the bottom.


The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority requests the legislation to be amended.

In December 2020, the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority requested that the legislation protecting the wreck of MV Estonia is amended so that it is permitted for the investigation authority to carry out new surveys on site.



As part of the assessment of the new information about Estonia, a digital and a physical model have been created.

The purpose of the digital model of MS Estonia is to provide as accurate a general overview as possible of the ship's exterior and the structural and technical characteristics of the ship as it appeared on 27 September 1994.

The model was created in order to develop a physical model of Estonia and to demonstrate the ship during various surveys and in public contexts.

In accordance with an agreement between the prime ministers of Estonia, Finland and Sweden, a temporary Joint Accident Investigation Commission (JAIC) was formed to investigate the accident.

On September 28, 2020, footage was published showing a previously unknown hole in the ship's starboard side. The Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau therefore initiated a preliminary assessment of the new information and requested assistance from the corresponding authorities in Finland and Sweden.

The purpose of the preliminary assessment is to consider whether the new information gives reason to revise the conclusions drawn in the 1997 report, if new investigation measures should be taken and if so which ones.

For further information on the work on the preliminary assessment, Read more see here.


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